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A SexTracker hosting account has all the features you need to grow and manage a world-class enterprise. The following features are provided standard with all our hosting plans.

Our web servers are all enabled with the PHP scripting language, which is one of the internet's most popular tools for creating and serving dynamic or database-driven sites.

This powerful Apache module will allow your site to enjoy hotlink protection, to perform complex redirections, etc.

full .htaccess and .htpasswd rights
This feature will allow you to create members' sections for your site, to modify how your pages are served on a per-directory basis, to redirect ``Not Found'' errors to particular pages of your site (which is a great way to squeeze out a few more hits for some of your banner programs), etc.

full CGI/SSI/XSSI capabilities
You have full CGI and SSI rights, and you can place your CGI scripts anywhere in your directory structure. Additionally, your CGI scripts run with your permission level. These facts will make it much easier for you to install and use third-party software in your web site.

You have full access to this scripting language.

FTP access
You will have full access to your site via FTP 24 hours a day. For the security-conscious, we also provide secure FTP capabilities through ssh.

You can request the addition of crontab commands, which will allow you to create web sites that take particular actions at particular times of day.

Bandwidth reports
You will be able to view detailed bandwidth information for your account whenever you wish through a simple web-based interface.

web-optimized DNS setup
This means that all of your sites can be accessed as both and

24 hour a day monitoring
Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure internet conectivity. Your business demands nothing less.

Additionally, for our customers who chose a plan of Opal or above, the following features are also provided.

Access to a MySQL database server.

site indexer
Larger, text-based web sites can take advantage of the SWISH-E indexer to offer local search boxes.

GNU Privacy Guard
This program will allow you to encrypt your most sensitive information.

link checker
The popular linklint program is available to you, which can help sites with complex internal linking structures detect and avoid broken internal links.

You have full access to all of these programming and scripting languages, and since you have full access to the UNIX command line you are free to compile programs at will and use any of the other standard UNIX tools and utilities.

full shell access and FTP access
You will have full access to your site via FTP and the UNIX command line, 24 hours a day. For the security-conscious, we also provide secure FTP and login capabilities through ssh.

e-mail POP boxes, aliases, and forwarders
If you have complex e-mail requirements, we can meet them - just tell us what you need.

multiple login and FTP accounts
If you are managing your site as part of a team, and want some members of your team to have access only to specific directories, then we can accommodate your needs.

emergency technical support, 24 hours a day
Your business demands nothing less.

If you have any questions about our standard features, or would like a quote on a hosting plan to suit your needs, please feel free to call or email one of our friendly sales associates for more information on how SexTracker Hosting can improve your bottom line.

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