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We stake our reputation on the quality and reliability of your bandwidth. Not all bandwidth is created equal, and at SexTracker we believe we offer the best.

Ample Capacity
Our outgoing fiber optic lines have 2.2 Gigabits/sec of capacity, and we are always careful that sufficient capacity is available for even the largest traffic spikes. In other words, your business can grow to any size with us, and you do not have to worry about our network being unable to handle the additional traffic that might be caused by a sudden increase in your site's popularity. Additionally, because we are located in the Northwest's finest telecommunications building, dozens of OC-192, OC-48, and OC-3 lines (along with hundreds of T-3 lines) are immediately available to us, and we can add as much of this bandwidth as we need at any time.

Exceptional Connectivity
The cornerstone of world-class bandwidth is the quality and quantity of its connections to the internet's backbones. The fact that our network has 9 direct connections to 6 different tier 1 backbone providers means that your traffic will flow smoothly even if one of them suffers an outage. By way of comparison, please consider the following table of total routes into and out of Mae-East/West (current as of 2/22/00):

Hosting Service Mae-East Mae-West
SexTracker 16 17
Web Side Story 2 3
CNN 16 15 5 6 15 16
Cave Creek 2 3 15 15 4 4
Exodus (S.C.) 4 4
Abovenet 5 6

Intelligent Routing
The quality and arrangement of your hosting service's routers determines how quickly and intelligently your traffic can be directed to the best outgoing pipe. It also bears on your hosting service's ability to withstand "denial of service" attacks. We use only top-of-the line Cisco routers (12008, 7513, and 7507 series), arranged in a redundant fashion so that your traffic could still be routed even in the event of a router failure.

Gigabit Ethernet
We're proud of the fact that our internal network operates not at 10Mb/s, not at 100Mb/s, but rather at full 1000Mb/s (Gigabit) capacity; this means information will flow from your switch to our routers without any chance of impediment, and it is a step that very few of our competitors are even considering. We have multiple Gigabit Ethernet backbones, failsafe Gigabit Ethernet loops for individual server clusters, and gigabit Cisco 6509 switches for our core LAN routing.

Quality Servers
We use only the best and fastest hardware, and always keep our systems current. All of the hard drives in our hosting servers are 10,000rpm Ultra-2 Wide SCSI drives, for example. Our operating system of choice is FreeBSD, which is the same rock-solid and high-performance product that powers sites such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, and the SexTracker itself.

Tight Security
SexTracker's Network Operations Center is located in Seattle's Westin Building, which is the largest telecommunications nexus in the entire Pacific Northwest. Security is incredibly tight, and multiple keycard and identity verifications are required to gain access to our NOC. Only our team of network engineers has physical access to your server, and all entries to the server room are logged by video camera. Our servers are physically locked and rack mounted to resist all but the worst seismic activity, and all hardware is connected to one or more 350 hour UPS power supplies with backup diesel generators.

Professional Management
Our NOC is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our skilled technicians, and we have experienced 99.9998% uptime since opening in October 1998. What all of this means to you is more traffic, and more clickthroughs per second, to your money-producing site. Our 99.9998% reliability means we're never down, and you never stop making money. If you're as serious about the success of your site as we are about the quality of our network, then call one of our friendly sales associates for more information about how SexTracker Hosting can improve your bottom line.

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