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Billing Procedures
5th of each month Invoices will be sent to customer via email.
19th of each month Notification will be sent to customers that utilize the credit card payment option. This will include the amount that will be charged to their account on the 25th
25th of each month Payments are due.

Notice will be sent to customers if their credit card has been declined. This will result in a $25.00 late fee applied to the balance. We will attempt to charge the account again on the last business day of the month.

Collection Procedures
The collection process will be initiated for any customer payments that have not been received by the end of the month.
1st of each month Notice will be sent to customers that have not paid, informing them of the amount due. This includes any past due balance, a $25.00 late fee and interest fees on past balance.
5th of each month
(10 days past due)
Customer will receive notification of restricted Telnet/FTP access to their account
25th of each month
(30 days past due)
Customer will be given a 24-hour suspension notice.
Notice of Suspension Customer will receive notification that payment has not been received, and the service has been disconnected.

Service can be restarted upon receipt of payment in full (including late fess and interest fees), plus a $100.00 reconnection fee.

45 days past due IP address is reclaimed.
Collection notification Final notice will be sent to the customer, 7 days prior to forwarding account to collections.

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