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Here is just a sample of what customers of SexTracker hosting have to say about our services.

"In a nutshell, I have not found another hosting service who offers better service than you guys do at a reasonable cost. I have found every member of staff there incredibly helpful, responsive, responsible and friendly. Really, I couldn't be happier. Honestly, until you guys I wasn't happy with any hosting we ever had."
- Heather Corinna,
"I had decided to put SexTracker to the test. They offer some of the best customer service, probably the best I have ever seen. I now have my own server with them and a technician is always available. I count on excellent service from SexTracker."
- Jean Bourgeois,
"SexTracker has been the largest influence in the rapid growth of our company. We are extremely fortunate to have developed a solid business relationship with them."
- Jeff,
"The only regret I have ever had about SexTracker hosting the Mighty Adult Buffet is that I didn't get on board with them sooner. At last, I can sleep at night knowing that I am hosted with the best!"
- The Buf Father,
"We've gone through several hosts before finally landing with SexTracker Hosting. Finding a decent host can be a nightmare, but SexTracker has been great: reasonably-priced bandwidth, reliable service and clueful admins who are actually around when you need them. Who can complain?"
- Jay,
"After countless ditties with all the other hosting companies, Overnight Entertainment Group, Inc. my company will NEVER deal with any host but SexTracker Hosting. We love you SexTracker. :)"
- Steven Stout,
"I'm really impressed with your customer service. I say this in appreciative awe. I work with some of the best and the brightest in the financial industry and I know talent and professionalism when I see it. Thanks a lot for being there so far, and keep up the good work."
- Malcolm Gin,

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